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AIRSEA presentation

Airsea presentation • AIRSEA has been specializing in the air/sea freight forwarding for more than 40 years.
• The company has built up its reputation throughout all these years, to become a recognized name in the French market.
• AIRSEA has been, since 2011, a 100% subsidiary of an independent French logistics group. The integration within this SME of about 400 employees has given AirSea the capacity for development that it didn’t have before, without compromising its flexibility and responsiveness.
• AIRSEA is completely service oriented, offering dedicated team to its customers and foreign partners.
Company History

• 1974 : Founding of the company
• 1998: Arrival of Max Hatchwell in AIRSEA
• 2004: Integration into MoryGroup
• 2011: Acquisition of AIRSEA by an independent French logistics group
• 2012: Deployment of a new strategy
• 2013: Development of AIRSEA, with independent strategy in the group
• 2014: Reinforcement of the service focus strategy
Organization chart

Airsea organigramme
Key figures

Airsea keyfigures
Our Group

Airsea group • AIRSEA benefits from the powerful support of a structured independent group in the logistics sector.
• About 400 employees
• Yearly turnover of about 140 million €
• 13 offices in mainland France
• 4 offices in French overseas departments