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Export boosts the growing aeronautical industry in France / May 2015
Airsea InternationalIn 2014, the French aeronautics industry increased 2.9%, reaching 50.7 billion € annual turnover, of which export makes up 33.1 billion €, a 6% increase compared to the year before.
The civilian sector of activity hasn't stopped growing since 2005. In 2014, this sector represented 77% of total activity. Thanks to the worldwide growth in air traffic, the aeronautical industry is thriving.
In France, the industry is mainly supported by export. So far, the buying orders for 2015 represent a turnover of 73 billion €.
AirSea is experienced in aerospace logistics shipments.
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Automatic liquidation of VAT for import to France / May 2015
Airsea InternationalA VAT automatic liquidation system, which applies for import to France by operators who are under the "unique domiciliation" procedure, has been put into practice since the beginning of 2015. This taxation facilitating measure is one of the measures to promote the attractiveness of the port and airport facilities in France.
With a quality of performance recognized by the Customs authority, AirSea can help you benefit from this new regulation.
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Marseille-Fos has passed 20 million tons volume during quarter 1 of 2015 / May 2015
Airsea InternationalAt the end of March 2015, the global traffic of the port of Marseilles-Fos reached 20.1 million tons, which presents 7% growth (1.3 million more) comparing to quarter 1 of 2014. According to the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille (GPMM), this growth is mainly a result of the growing hydrocarbons - up by 13%, and the increasing general cargo - up by 3%.
Implemented locally in Mareille-Fos, AirSea provides its full-range of transport & logistics services to your needs.
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